Trafford Publishing Presents: The Last Period – The End of the Beginning

Trafford Publishing author Robert P. Wells

Trafford Publishing author Robert P. Wells

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner would like to give a warm welcome to Trafford Publishing author Robert P. Wells. Wells gives credit for his latest title, Wawahte, to a close friend of his ai???Moochum Joeai??i?? who inspired him to put pen to paper over half a century ago. Wells also discusses the importance of effective book-marketing tools.


When I began writing Wawahte my objective was to place that last period. Little did I understand what lay-ahead, in reality, the ai???last periodai??i?? was just the end of the beginning. Hence, began our venture into the book industry.

My dear friend, Moochum Joe said that I had a spirit that was different from most white kids that he knew, and he asked me to draw the words on paper that told about how bad Indian people were being treated, and to draw them true. Sixty-Five years later, the book Wawahte was completed.

Trafford Publishing expertise fulfilled the complexities of making my boyhood promise into a book. Well done! Though our publishing package included social media marketing, we also ventured forth Cheap probalancept determined to make our book known to wider audiences. As a new author, I was oblivious to the complexities of the publishing and retail industry.

Many writers publish a book with great expectations and nothing much happens. First, we did not have our manuscript professionally edited and proofread creating the expense for a second edition. Though Wawahte Order lady era side got several full-page newspaper articles, it was the audio book that took us off of the starting blocks. Now we’re in the race! It took us over that line.

The quality and the care involved in making the audio book gave the book credibility. This short Audio Video Preview How much bactrim can you take in a day is an effective book marketing tool. Give your listeners the chance to experience your book in a unique format through the spoken word. A good book read by a professional narrator(s) in a recording studio can be every bit as rewarding as reading the version on paper, making it the perfect complement to your printed copy.

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