Trafford Publishing: A Handbook for First Time Managers (Part 1)

A Handbook for First Time Managers by Trafford Publishing author Salwana Ali

A Handbook for First Time Managers by Trafford Publishing author Salwana Ali

Have you ever struggled in a managerial position? Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s corner welcomes Trafford Publishing author Salwana Ali as she shares some thoughts on what it is like being a first time manager as well as how to overcome obstacles you may run into along the way in part one of her three part series.


ai???You donai??i??t know what you donai??i??t know. First time managers will only appreciate and understand what it means to be a manager when they go through the real life experience of managing in the first year and stumble upon new situations and circumstances that they need to deal Buy hydrochlorothiazide no prescription with. It is on the job learning by trial and


That’s how I summed up the numerous feedback I received from managers when asked about their experiences as first time managers.

Organizations have the tendency to place higher priority and focus on their senior management team and the technical professionals, rather than the new managers. More training investment is allocated to enhance skills of the senior managers and competencies of their technical professionals. Ai??First time managers are commonly left Cell spyware, Spy on iphone. to figure it out on their own. They typically learn the basic skills of management in their first 12 months as a manager. They learn on the job by trial and error.

In the current time of rapid velocity of organizational Order antivert uses challenges, it is high time that first time managers step up their readiness to manage from Day 1. I wrote the book, A Handbook for First Time Managers: Critical Pointers That New Managers Need to Know to Succeed in Their Managerial Role with the main objective of helping first time managers to prepare for their role.

This book provides practical guidelines for first time managers addressing two key questions:

  • How do I prepare myself to be ready for the managerial role?
  • Is there a way of knowing whether I am on the right track when performing my role as a new manager?

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