Trafford Publishing: A Handbook for First Time Managers (Part 3)

A Handbook for First Time Managers by Trafford Publishing author Salwana Ali

A Handbook for First Time Managers by Trafford Publishing author Salwana Ali

There is no point implementing procedure and sticking to it unless you are able to assess whether these processes are beneficial as Trafford Publishing author Salwana Ali can attest. In part three of her series, Ali discusses the methods that are necessary to make sure youai??i??re on the right track in a first time managerial position…Ai??



Is there a way of knowing whether I am on the right track in performing my role as a new manager?


The Managerai??i??s Toolkits are a set of preparatory and assessment tools for managers to use in readying themselves to take up the role of first time managers and to take stock of their Purchase uroxatral vs flomax current performance as managers.


The Managerai??i??s Toolkits consist of two components, namely, imManager Framework and imManager Guide. They work hand in glove together.


imManager Framework:


The imManager framework is a diagnostic execution plan that helps managers prepares their readiness to undertake the managerial role for the first time, assess where they stand at any one point in time in relation to the expected scope of a managerial role and sustain their stay on course of being a manager.


The purposes of the imManager Framework include assisting first time managers to focus on the right things, serving as a roadmap to lead and manage team and encourage managers to ask the hard questions in their pursuit to develop high performing teams.


The imManager Framework diagram is depicted below:


imManager Guide:


imManager Guide supports the imManager Framework by providing a list of questionnaires within all the critical aspects of the managerial role.


In performing self assessment of your performance, you need to go through the list of questionnaires and rate yourself on each item within the specified categories in the imManager Guide. There are a total of 67 questions in this assessment process.


The key outcome of the self assessment process is How much aleve is safe a unique personal managerial plan to cater for your specific situation and circumstances. The personal managerial plan is a 30.60.90 day plans on key tasks and initiatives that you need to undertake to get yourself on track in performing your managerial role.


In summary, this book is easy to read and simple enough to be completed in one day. While it takes only one day to finish, it Iphone spyware, Phone call tracker. offers a comprehensive lifelong lesson on how to prepare for a managerial role.


Salwana Ali’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:


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