Trafford Publishing: The Adventures of Bird Dog and Friends

Trafford Publishing author Stephen Penberthy

Trafford Publishing author Stephen Penberthy

There is no denying that childrenai??i??s books are an invaluable parenting source. Childrenai??i??s books introduce and instil beneficial morals and values within children along with providing contentment at the same time as Trafford Publishing author Stephen Penberthy can attest. Penberthyai??i??s acclaimed book The Adventures of Birddog and Friends was such a success that it left no doubt that a series should be borne.

The concept of the story-line started many years ago when our daughter Samantha, was very young and I would tell her a bedtime story about a dog that could fly. The nightly stories continued until she grew out of the fairy tale fantasy era. Around this time my wife Harlene, suggested Keppra costco that when I retire, I should put pen to paper; so thatai??i??s exactly what I did.

I retired from the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (Queensland Section) as Public Affairs Director, in 2008. I then accepted a short term appointment as National Executive Director – Community Relations for the Australian Lung Foundation; following this position, I began to write the first in the series of childrenai??i??s books, titled ai???The Adventures No prescription ginette-35 of Birddog and Friendsai???.

The book is dedicated to our daughter and in memory of her beautiful Labrador, Blondie. The story-line will capture the imagination of children and instil an understanding of friendship, teamwork, caring for one another, kindness, manners, achievement and values within a framework of adventure.

The first book is about Blondie learning to fly with the help of her friends. The characters in the Buy aricept from canada story are of course Birddog, alias Blondie, along with her friends Bumble Bee, Swallow, Opossum and Monkey. Other key characters are Rocky the horse and Claw the eagle.

The Adventures of Birddog and Friends, was published by Trafford Publishing in Canada in 2009 and in 2010 the book was honoured as a category finalist in the USA Best Books Awards by USA Book News.

The Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner community express our appreciation for Penberthyai??i??s righteous contribution and we hope he returns soon to extend some further accounts of his writing journey and his inspiration. Donai??i??t hesitate to check out The Adventures of Birddog and Friendsai??i?? Facebook and Twitter pages.

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