Trafford Publishing presents: Seeking Normal

Seeking Normal by Trafford Publishing author Jane St. John

Seeking Normal by Trafford Publishing author Jane St. John

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner. Today we have a very special guest blogger with insight like no other. Everyone has been in a situation where you have bottled up emotions and feelings to the extent where you need a release, however, Trafford Publishing author Jane St. Johnai??i??s (Jo Ann) case is amplified to the nth degree. St. John wrote her book title Seeking Normal to find peace in such an unorthodox life, along with the intent of offering succor to others in similar situations.

My name is Jo Ann and my first novel, Seeking Normal Dissertation went ai???liveai??? recently. It is written under my pen name, Jane St. John. The reason for my blog is to become acquainted with the Trafford author community as well as other visitors to the site.

Iai??i??m often asked what inspired me to write Seeking Normal. Basically, it was derived from a desire to offer solace to others in similar situations; to let my children know what happened to me – – from me; and to help me heal with a final peace.

The self-publishing of my novel introduced me to a Detrol la without prescription whole new world; the publishing business. While gradually familiarizing myself with the publishing world, I concurrently hold down a fulltime job which doesnai??i??t leave me sufficient time to write an article at this time. Consequently, Iai??i??ll simplify with an activity overview.

Iai??i??m partway into writing a second novel that is concerned with a southern familyai??i??s ordeal; they are Southerners divided. Most family members joined and fought for Lincolnai??i??s Union yet one brother initially joined the Confederacy.

Writing the latter story is interesting and fun, whereas Seeking Normal was not; rather it was a release for three Cost of aldactone without insurance previously mentioned aims. At this point, the latter novelai??i??s title is Rich Valley and for how long is uncertain.

I would believe it an honor to read an activity overview blog from anyone or all other Traffordai??i??s authors.

Jane St. Johnai??i??s Trafford Publishing bibliography:

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