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Trafford Publishing author Norman Verl Stones

Trafford Publishing author Norman Verl Stones

Often grandchildren are left in the dark about the life experiences of their grandparents. Grandchildren commonly take an interest later in life when the opportunity to ask questions is long gone. In order to prevent this from happening, Trafford Publishing author Norman Verl Stones made sure to pen his anecdotes to ensure that this invaluable information is left behind for those that matter most.

As I lay in bed before going to sleep, I would remember back to my childhood days and how different living was then. The grandchildren, of which we have seven, were born in the lap of luxury Purchase lady era pills in comparison.

We are separated by many miles, so I could not discuss in detail the things I wanted to say. Computer printed sheets stapled together did not seem the answer, but how about a book? Being a ai???newbieai??? to this type of thing, I contacted Trafford Publishing. We developed a plan and I followed their guidance and voila, a published book called Experiences.

If I were younger and ready to start a career again, Trafford Publishing has many ways to guide the process.Ai?? Unfortunately, I turned 81 on March 17 (maybe I should say fortunately) so at that ripe age I Risperdal schizoaffective disorder am not able to continue on that path.

I enjoyed the experience and may write some more, but probably for my own amusement. Included in the book is some genealogical Buy essays information. There are letters written by my great grandfather while he traveled across Missouri as a Methodist Minister and finally homesteaded land in Kansas. I reread them and wonder and wish I could know more about their lives.

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