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Jumpdrive by Trafford Publishing author George K. Tedesco

Jumpdrive by Trafford Publishing author George K. Tedesco

Procrastination is the thief of time, as Trafford Publishing author George K. Tedesco can corroborate. When there is a hill to climb, donai??i??t think waiting will make it smaller. In fact, sometimes the opportunity to do something worthwhile will cease to exist. This is the case with Tedescoai??i??s father, as his chance to pen his story expired unexpectedly. Tedesco encourages those to take every opportunity as they present themselves and start writing your stories post-hasteai??i??


My father had always said how he wanted to chronicle his journeys from his life; from his childhood back in the 50’s when America was a different world, to his efforts and struggles as a marine in Vietnam.


The paths he chose, having children, being a die-hard baseballAi??fan and historian, my father sat and just kept it all on the table College essay help as “I’ll get to it one day.”


Well, we all know what putting things off can do and sadly, we’ll never know what really made that great man. He died of cancer at the age of 59.


I loved him dearly and my mother, depending on how she feels on the day, will tell you how she’s not entirely sure he was my real father or not. Didn’t matter, his gentle ways and fatherly Cannabis seeds uk seller advice and being one of the biggest Mets fans ever had already sunk in and showed me the kind of love you canai??i??t live without.


It’s all about love, this entire journey is about love (and wondering why I canai??i??t stop rooting for the Mets of course no matter how poor their playing)Ai??finding it, cherishing it, working through it, even if it seems like the woman you love is insane… strike that, even if all woman are insane.


I’ve fallen in love a few times and I know how my heart thrives on it. Sure you love your children with every fiber of your being but when you love someone and care deeply for them, when it hurts you deepAi??when they cry, youai??i??re driven to spend every ounce of energy to make their world a better place. That’s a level of love Cannabis seeds best shop I fight for.


I love my wife- with my life, JUMPDRIVE is an inspiredAi??story of howAi??one man fights for the woman he has fallen head over heels for andAi??the lengths he will go to, to make her world a better place.


I loved it and had a great time writing it.


I was cheering for him and I cried for him and the story in its simplicity became a mile stone for me in so many ways andAi??I was sure I wasn’t going to write anything else except that story and then the pen got heavy and I wrote its sequel and MY journeys as a musician in an auto biography and lastly a murder mystery/love story.


So, as you can see, I got a little carried away, but in all seriousness, you only live once- saying you will skydive eventually or write your story one day is ignoring who you are.


Leave your legacy, live. Live now, not for bills to pay and problems which arise every day, especially if you’re a Mets fan, live and love now. You may never get tomorrow.


Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner is optimistic that Tedescoai??i??s piece has provided you with the motivation necessary to get the ball rolling. Start jotting down your stories so your legacy can live on!

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