Trafford Publishing Presents: TUSKS

TUSKS by Trafford Publishing author Gene Hale

TUSKS by Trafford Publishing author Gene Hale

The elephant population wordwide is diminishing at alarming rate thanks to the illegal trade of ivory. Trafford Publishing author Gene Hale felt compelled to write a book to publicize this horrific trade. Although the book Tusks is fiction, it provides readers with an insight into the brutality that these marvelous species have succumbed to. Hale also elaborates about the adventurous happenings in Tusks and future worksai??i??

“Tusks” is about an elephant, Monsoon, that was wounded in Purchase lady era review the head by a great white hunter, Winston, from England.Ai?? This affected Monsoon’s brain.Ai?? After that day he hated man and a smoking vehicle.Ai?? Then along came Cheyenne Cole, a cowboy and ex-marine, with a lightning fast draw.

Cheyenne joins up with a few friends to stop the slaughter of elephants especially for their tusks. They encounter the ivory trade through a guy named, Python, and his two sidekicks, a Russian and Ego.Ai?? They have an encounter with one of the deadliest snakes in Africa, the “Black Mamba.”Ai?? With their lives on the line every day, they run into Al-Qaida with missiles they are ready to destroy New York City and Israel permanently.Ai?? The Cost of omnicef antibiotic book is full of adventure and twists and turns.

The reason I wrote the book “Tusks” was because of the killing of elephants for their tusks.Ai?? Sometimes leaving their young to perish.Ai?? Dying of starvation or killed by predators is their only fate.Ai?? Ivory is being shipped all over the world for big money.

My next book, “Freddy,” the smiling Chihuahua is about a small dog taking on a serial killer.Ai?? The killer is killing young girls and terrorizing his owner and the city of Miami, Florida.

“Fort Ziengenhardt,” is based on a true story that happened in the small town of Burnside, Michigan.Ai?? It was an actual Buy keppra in canada fort built by the farmers against the highly fortunate rich and educated people of that time period.

My recent book that I am still writing is “Foreign Garbage,” centered on the garbage coming across our borders by foreign countries namely Canada.Ai?? It has to be stopped.Ai?? What would happen if it was the other way around?

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