Trafford Publishing presents: The Nigerian Factor

The Nigerian Factor by Trafford Publishing author Emmanuel Udoh

The Nigerian Factor by Trafford Publishing author Emmanuel Udoh

Corruption in governments is prevalent throughout the world and it is no easy task to eradicate it. Without appropriate assistance, often the countries with the most corruption are unable to quell such practices as the only people that hold any power are the ones influencing this corruption. Trafford Publishing author Emmanuel Udoh has had first-hand experience with such corruption and the disparity that follows in Nigeria. Udohai??i??s book The Nigerian Factor was written to provide visibility and knowledge surrounding the corrupt atrocities that are taking place in Nigeria on such a large scale.Ai??Ai??Ai??



I was inspired to write the book The Nigerian Factor from the pains Lincocin price of seeing how an enormously blessed country was wallowing in abject poverty. This pain led me to research why such an endowed entity in human and material resources was unable to achieve sustained growth on its development indices.


I came to the understanding that if I could explain why corruption prevails in Nigeria and why it is so elusive, then I might be in position to offer Generico do betnovate solutions to this monster which has so much bedeviled this sub-Saharan African nation.


But again, I realize that this may only amount to a mirage if the good people and government of the civilized nations does not rise and lend a helping hand to the traumatized citizens of Nigeria. With the same zeal which the civilized countries have risen to fight money laundering and terrorism financing; if such is also applied to corruption, then the dislocation suffered by these corruption prone societies will be greatly curtailed.


I call on all the free people of the civilized nations to join this campaign against corruption and corrupt institutions Over the counter detrol patch in Nigeria and Africa. With this book, I hope to use it to make a greater number of people appreciate the enormity of the issue of corruption.



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