Trafford Publishing Introduces the Devoted Olugbenga Adesokan

Posted on June 12, 2014 under Author Blogs
The Secrets and Operations of God by Olugbenga Adesokan

Trafford Publishing author Olugbenga Adesokan has always boasted an intimate relationship with God being a member of the Gideons along with his prominence in his local Calvary Lutheran Church. Subsequently, this relationship was further strengthened through the completion of Adesokanai??i??s book The Secrets and Operations of God.

Trafford Publishing: Eric Hoffer Award Winner

Posted on May 23, 2014 under Trafford News
Trafford Publishing's Carolyn Fleming wins First Horizon Awardlyn Fleming

Trafford Publishing would like to congratulate our authors for a fantastic collective effort at the 2014 Eric Hoffer awards. Five finalists and one well-deserving winner speaks for itself… but we’ll speak too!

Trafford Publishing author Dina Andrews at the 2014 London Book Fair

The Trafford Publishing community extends our well deserve respect and congratulations to Dina Andrewsai??i??. Andrewsai??i?? book Tears in the Sand earned a spot on the New Title Showcase at the recent London Book Fair. Andrewsai??i?? shares with us her literary escapade to Earls Court where she crossed paths with celebrities and influential publishing personnel, and possibly landed a traditional publishing deal!

Trafford Publishing author Jane St. John reveals the power of books

This fantastic piece by Jane St. John is relative to all book aficionados. It provokes the realization of certain characteristics within ourselves that wouldnai??i??t exist, had it not been for the subliminal power that certain books holdai??i??

Trafford Publishing presents: Strano

Posted on April 23, 2014 under Author Blogs
Strano by Trafford Publishing author Eamon Mathews

With any book, a key quality to its success, is its ability stand out from the millions of other titles that have been published up to date. Trafford Publishing author Ai??amon Mathews has done just this by producing his thought provoking and somewhat non-conventional book titled Strano, meaning strange, odd or queer in Italian. Strano delves into the Christian homosexuality as it follows Damienai??i??s quest to uncover raw gay love.