Trafford: How to Self-Publish Q&A Session

Trafford: How to Self-Publish

Trafford: How to Self-Publish

Do you want to be a published author?

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Do you have questions on self-publishing?Ai??

Join us for a Twitter chat so we can get you started on your self-publishing journey!

Trafford Publishing will host an Information Session on Twitter on Wednesday 4th FebruaryAi??at 9pm EST. Make sure to be on twitter on time to join @traffordpub – Join us for a lively twitter chat with the experts at Trafford Publishing and make your dreams come true.

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Are you willing to contribute to our blog?

Trafford Publishing Author's Corner is a place where the Trafford Publishing authors and our community can communicate and share anecdotes concerning their writing journeys, share their success stories stemming from their books, share future and past book-marketing events or any other tales that would be of interest to the Trafford Publishing community. We are inviting all Trafford Publishing authors to partake in Trafford Publishing Author's Corner as guest bloggers. Please contact us if you would like to participate as a guest blogger.

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