Sally C. Knox’s big hit with “Pickles and Jane”

“Children’s Books” continues to be an extremely popular genre, and Trafford is delighted to present a book that has been creating quite a stir! Pickles and Jane, the debut book from Sally C. Knox, recently made a big splash at the ALA Midwinter Show. The book has been described as teaching a non-trite life lesson.”

picklesHere’s some further information about Pickles and Jane, straight from the author:

The book is based on the real life experience Knox’s mother had in getting a dog that she had to give up. This was a personal experience that manifested itself as a short poem and became an actual story,” Knox says.

Pickles and Jane is written in a rhyming style that came about one night as Knox and her family came face to face with the frustrations of the dog and cats. The words formed in my head, rhyming and telling a story,” she explains. “I wrote them down and was surprised how the story all came together.”

About the Author:

Sally C. Knox was born February 3, 1943 in Cold Spring, N.Y. She grew up outside of Buffalo, N.Y., moved to San Francisco in 1989, and remarriage has led her to return to the Buffalo area. With her husband she has six children and twelve grandchildren. Now a semi-retired nurse, she loves to travel. She has written numerous poems and stories; this is her first published book.

About the Illustrator:

Nikki Dzimira grew up in one of those small suburbs on outskirts of Buffalo N.Y. and currently still lives in the area. Since a young age she had always wanted to become an artist and now that dream is a reality. Recently graduated with a Paroxetine price uk Bachelor of Fine Arts she is determined to show the world her work. This will be her first published book.

Trafford congratulates Sally and Nikki on all the attention their book is getting! We will keep you posted . . .

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