Trafford Publishing Presents the Wonders of Google+

Trafford Publishing on Google Plus

Trafford Publishing on Google Plus

Trafford Publishing can tell you that having surpassed Twitter in January 2013, Google+ is now the second largest social networking site behind Facebook. With over 500 million users, it is a platform with endless opportunities. There are many features that Google+ has that are not present on other social networking sites, making it a very unique platform.

Trafford Publishing on Google+ Circles

One of the unique features is Google+ circles. Google+ circles allow you to segment the people in your network. This allows sharing specific updates or information only with the people who are in the specific circle as opposed to your entire network. As an author you can create circles which differentiate the people who you want to pitch your book Buy sinequanon to as opposed to your family or non book-related users. If you want to post about how much fun you are having on your ai???sick dayai??i?? but you donai??i??t want your boss to know about it, this is perfect.

Trafford Publishing on Google+ Communities

Another feature of Google+ is communities which were created late 2012.Ai?? On Facebook a user can create groups but only using their personal profile, not by using their pages/brands. As an author it is very beneficial Colospa delivery if you use the brand for your book to create communities rather than making a community from your personal page and pitching your book through it. By creating a community, it will allow your brand to identify other users who have a particular shared interest i.e. the genre of your book. Communities also allow for interaction with other users that you may have not met otherwise. You can also identify popular topics associated with your brand and create content for these topics. This may help SEO for your brand as well.

Trafford Publishing on Google+ Hangouts

Another prominent feature is Hangouts which is a video chat with other users. If you are in a discussion with a community on Google+ and you need to explain Cheap lady era 100mg something visually, you can start a hangout in just a few clicks.Ai?? Google+ hangouts also have YouTube integration where authors can select their YouTube movie trailer and share it with the hangout.

Donai??i??t hesitate to create your Google+ account today and join Trafford Publishing.

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