Trafford Publishing: Eric Hoffer Award Winner

Trafford Publishing would like to congratulate our authors for a fantastic collective effort at the 2014 Eric Hoffer awards. Five finalists and one well-deserving winner speaks for itself… but we’ll speak too! The Trafford Publishing author community is honored and inspired by the gifted writers at our doorstep. We’re sure this effort will encourage others to ‘pull the gloves off’ so to speak, and reach higher heights…


The Montaigne Medal centers on the most thought-provoking books, the books that enlighten, advance, or empower thought. It is awarded in honor of the renowned French philosopher Michel de Montaigne. The two Trafford finalists for this year’s Montaigne were Len Kurzawa and Gerald Holt.

Flames in the Ruins by Trafford Publishing author Gerald Holt

Holt’s novel Flames in the Ruins centers around the post-war ruins in Hamburg and the mystery, friendship and terror that grow into a climax until the mystery is solved. The originality of Holt’s concept is profound and he has executed this perfectly. Congratulations!

The Fundamental Force

The Fundamental Force



Einstein’s discovery that ‘the motion of objects in our universe is determined by the structure of space’ left unanswered questions about the structure of space for Len Kurzawa. Kurzawa’s eye-opening title The Fundamental Force illustrates how this structure leads to an appreciation and understanding of the entire universe. We thank Len Kurzawa for holding the Trafford flag high.

The da Vinci Eye award is for books with exceptional cover artwork, judged on both content and style. Not surprisingly, it is named in honor of the the great jack-of-all-trades, Leonardo da Vinci. This years finalists consisted of three Trafford Publishing authors: Henry O. Urquhart – From the Heart, L.D. Nascimento -Ai??The Curse of the Golden City Best cannabis seeds bank , and Patrick Power -Ai??The Package.Ai?? Spy app, Spy on iphone.

The da Vinci trio

The da Vinci trio

Last, but definitely not least we introduce the winner of theAi??First Horizon Award.Ai??When we publish our first books we are always in constant need of encouragement and assurance that we have what it takes to make it to the top of the book-world. This award does exactly this. It it is awarded for superior work by debut authors. I’m sure we’re all proud of Carolyn Fleming who defied the rest of the competition to claim the First Horizon Award with her title Journey Proud, which is a novel that people from all walks of life can relate to. The twist at the end will leave yearning for more….

Journey Proud by Trafford Publishing author Carolyn Fleming

Journey Proud by Trafford Publishing author Carolyn Fleming

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You have all made the Trafford Publishing community proud! To find out who the winners of all the categories were, click here. Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner will be back soon – check out our Facebook page before we return!





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