Trafford Publishing: Kirkus Reviews – Highly effective Book-Marketing Tool

Trafford Publishing on Kirkus Reviews

Trafford Publishing on Kirkus Reviews

Trafford Publishing can tell you that marketing a book is one of the most difficult tasks surrounding your self-published book. It is apparent that prospective consumers need advice when purchasing products. Some of the best advice a book consumer can receive is an unbiased book review on a reputable site such as Kirkus Reviews.

Kirkus reviews were established over 80 years ago and are arguably the most highly regarded book review site in the world. Kirkus has been a long-standing dependable voice in the world of books with avid book lovers heading straight to Kirkus for their next read. Not only is their site a primary source for book consumers, they also have a substantial Average price of alesse subscriber base for their email newsletter which is made up of wholesale buyers as well as consumers.

A question worthy of asking is ai???who does the reviewing?ai??? Editorial veracity Zyban no prescription needed at Kirkus is a key to their reputation. Kirkus reviews are written by professional reviewers who are specialists to specific genres, independent and not in any way biased.

Another benefit of Kirkus is that have a program dedicated to Indie authors. To quote Kirkus directly, ai???The Kirkus Indie Buy amantadine online program gives independent authors a chance to obtain an unbiased, professional review of their work, written in the same format as a traditional Kirkus review with the same chance of earning the coveted Kirkus

Supplementary to your review on the Kirkus website, your review also gets distributed to the Kirkusai??i?? licensees such as Google, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor and more.

If you are looking for a book-marketing option, heads above the rest of the pile, donai??i??t hesitate to contact Trafford Publishing and have a consultant guide you through the Kirkus process. If you contact Trafford Publishing and order your review by midnight on the 31st August, we will guarantee that the review will be delivered with enough time to be considered for the Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Books 2013 list.

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