Trafford Publishing Presents the Numbers of Self-Publishing

Trafford Publishing does the numbers

Trafford Publishing does the numbers

Trafford Publishing knows that there is no denying the increasing awareness of the indie-world of books.


Only a few years ago the term self-publishing invoked negative connotations. Self-published work implied that it was inferior work as the author wasnai??i??t able to get accepted through a traditional publishing house.


These days, self-publishing is perceived quite the opposite. Below are some figures that illustrate the direction of the self-publishing world.

Trafford Publishing presents the Rise in Self-Publishing

Over 250,000 self-published books are now produced annually. 10,000 books have been published by Trafford Publishing since 1995. According to Bowker, since 2006, the number of self-published books in the U.S. alone has almost tripled, growing 287%

2008 was the first time in history, that the majority (over 50%) of books published were self-published. In 2009 there was another massive Iphone spyware, Whatsapp spy. increase, with 76% of all books released being self-published.

In the U.S., although printed books make up 63% of all self-published titles, e-books are growing at a tremendous rate. In 2011, Effexor xr street price 87,201 self-published e-books were released which was 129% higher than the previous year. In contrast, print only grew 33% for the same period.

Worldwide in 2008, e-books accounted for only 0.6% of the total trade market share. However, that figure had increased to 6.4%, by 2010 according to USAtoday. In the same year, the total net revenue for the 114 million e-books sold was US$878 million.

Trafford Publishing Presents Self-Published Best Sellers

In May 2011, 27 self-published books made Amazonai??i??s top 100 kindle best-sellers. Although the figure for the entire year was a little lower at 18 books making the top 100 with self-publishing origins, it is still almost 20% of best-sellers being self-published. This goes to show that David is taking it to Goliath.

In 2012 the figure stood at 15 out of the kindle top 100. Although this figure may be seen as a decrease in self-publishingai??i??s affluence, the number of self-published authors making this top 100 needs to be considered. In 2012, there were 12 authors who wrote these 15 titles, where as there were only 9 self-published authors who wrote the 18 best sellers in the previous year.

Furthermore, from the months of January to March this year Amazon released the list of best selling kindle books. Out of the top 20 books, 7 were self-published (This figure doesnai??i??t include books with self-publishing origins).

A Trafford Publishing Stand-Out

Out of the 12 million books on Amazon, The Mortarmen by Trafford Publishing author Michael Connelly ranks at 9,423.

Authors are often overlooked by traditional publishers. Oscar Wildeai??i??s Poems in Prose was rejected by traditional publishers and E.L. Jamesai??i?? Fifty Shades series was originally self-published.

Donai??i??t be intimidated by the Paper writing service common misconceptions surrounding self-publishing. Self publishing opportunities and services have come a long way. You have control over design and pricing, publication is almost instant and every decision is yours!

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