Trafford Publishing Presents YouTube Facts

Trafford presents YouTube

Trafford presents YouTube

YouTube background from Trafford Publishing

YouTubeai??i??s inception was in 2005, after a year it was bought out by Google for US$1.6billion for a very good reason. YouTube is one the best things since sliced bread, it provides an opportunity to for users to extend their message in a captivating graphic form, at the same time, it allows users worldwide to discover and share original videos. YouTube is the most visited video sharing website on the internet and it is the 3rd most popular website worldwide according to Alexa.

Trafford Publishing shares why YouTube is beneficial

With 490Million users worldwide per month and 24 hours of content uploaded every minute, there is no doubt why YouTube is such a useful tool. With so many users worldwide and one of the top 3 visited sites worldwide, your video has incredible marketing reach

Underneath every YouTube video you post shows the URL of your own website. This will increase traffic to your site where you have the opportunity to showcase your products and services offered. Another great thing about getting traffic to your website is it will increase the Google ranking for your site!

One of the great things about the internet in general is that videos, images, posts all have the ability to go viral, YouTube is no exception, in fact it is one of the best mediums for virality. Think to yourself how many times someone has posted a youtube How much lady era link on your Facebook wall or in an email. If you can create a catchy movie trailer for your book and it is shared, your marketing efforts will have been put to good use.

When marketing, why wouldnai??i??t you use a marketing platform that is free? If you can create a hype about your video which in turn will lead to hype surrounding your book for Buy topamax 50 mg free, why not? It is free to create an account or a channel. It is also free to upload videos for people to watch for free!

When you want to know what a book is about, only the most captivating blurbs will engage the reader. However, if you can put together a short trailer for your book, you will have many more people itching to buy a copy and start Buy aldactone chapter one!

Jump on YouTube today and Visit Trafford Publishingai??i??s channel!

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