Trafford Publishing Presents a Global E-book Award Winner

Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog by Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan

Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog by Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan

There is little doubt that dogs truly do love people. Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan used her experience from therapy dogs providing love, devotion and affection for humans to write children’s books about the affect dogs have on children. This includes a Global E-Book award winner Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog.

My last two children’s books have been inspired from my experience with therapy dogs as “good medicine for children of all ages.” When witnessing the human-animal bond that occurs between hospitalized children and visiting therapy dogs, one recognizes that it takes a special type of dog to be a “love dog.”


The newly released Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog, is a children’s picture book for ages 3-7. The pup, Daisy, is more interested in cuddling than playing. Everyone calls Daisy a lazy dog, except Mattie, who thinks her pup is perfect just the way she is. The notion that we are all good at something is realized when Daisy’s laziness becomes an asset as she serendipitously becomes a “love dog” at a hospital.


In August, Lazy Daisy received a 2013 Global E-book Silver Award for Children Picture Books in the Fiction Category, and earlier in the summer, it received a 2013 Honorable Mention from the New York Book Festival for Children’s Books. It feels good to get recognized for something that you have spent hours creating.


I was lucky in finding my illustrator, Halcy Bohen. In chatting with an artist friend of mine, she mentioned that Halcy might be interested in illustrating it.  I had a certain style of picture in mind, and after she did some sketches for me, our partnership was cemented.


Reading to My Buddy is an early reader for 5-7 year olds. Nicki hates to read out loud at school. When she stumbles over words, the other kids laugh at her. She decides to never talk again … until she meets Buddy, the reading dog.With a novel storyline about reading to a dog, it is an inviting book for both beginner and reluctant readers.


The Executive Director of the national Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D) program, commented that “Reading to My Buddy captures the essence of why having a dog as a reading companion is so powerful and effective. But be forewarned — readers will be clamoring for reading dogs for themselves.”


While these books are works of fiction, scientific studies have shown repeatedly that the human-animal bond that occurs with animal-assisted therapy helps improve moral, strengthen self-esteem, minimize stress, and even reduce blood pressure/heart rate.


Trafford Publishing author Marti Regan will return soon with another blog about her book Dogs of a Different Collar. Check out Trafford Publishing on Facebook!

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