Trafford Publishing presents: Juggling With Fire (Part 1)

Trafford Publishing author Louise Dupont

Trafford Publishing author Louise Dupont

Although children may not be able to convey their thoughts and feelings in writing with as much diction as adults, their ability to sense the intricacies of themselves and their surroundings is profound.

The inspiration behind Trafford Publishing author Louise Dupont’s book Hidden Treasures was re-ignited when she came across a story written by her son when he was in the second grade. The messages that lay within the story are a testament to depth in which children’s minds perceive their position in this complex world.        


The inspiration for Hidden Treasures came from seeing the picture of my son juggling with fire.  One day as I was looking at the picture, it came to mind that a book would be written about this.  This idea lay dormant for a while.

About a year later as I was looking for my son’s graduation pictures I happened to find a story written by my son when he was in grade 2.   As I read his story I was taken aback by the symbolic messages found in it…

I was very comforted by the idea of the ghost made of light that guided my son through the storm and brought him safely home. Being lost in the storm also symbolized so well what it is like to be depressed – always feeling lost and never being able to find a way out of it.  The labyrinth is also such a symbol of our life journey – always ending up in a dead end… then trying again to find a way out.

I had a few people look at the story – Lost in the Storm to make sure that I was not the only person who understood the symbolic messages.  Sure enough – people were quite surprised that such a young person could have written this very meaningful story.

From then on I became obsessed with the idea that I needed to have this story published.  Surely the messages contained in this story were not just for my eyes alone. It became quite clear that I was going to be the person writing a book using the photo of my son juggling with fire and bringing my son’s story to a wider audience.

I then made the courageous decision to meet with a well-known local children’s writer to see what she thought of the idea and to see if she would help me with this project.  I really had no idea how this person would react.  I was terrified that she would not want to help.  She in turn consulted one of her friends and they decided to help me as I travelled down this very tortuous and difficult road.

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Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner will return in a couple of days where Dupont extends her method of dealing with suicide and the positive approach she took to raise awareness. Check out Trafford’s Facebook page in the meantime to keep up to date with publishing affairs.  

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