Trafford Publishing Presents: Combat Related Suicides (Part 2)

Trafford Publishing Author Peter S. Griffin

Trafford Publishing Author Peter S. Griffin

Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner welcomes you back as Trafford Author Peter S. continues his three-part series. Griffin breaks up stress disorders in order to establish criteria for The Purple Heart Medal.


After writing two books (“Thoughts, Memories and Tears” – An Anthology of War, Death and Remembrance – Joye Enterprise, 1999 and “When You Hear The Bugle Call” – Battling PTSD and the Unraveling of the American Conscience – Trafford, 2006), decades of self-examination, many years of counseling/medication/professional treatment, hours upon hours of discussion with countless combat veterans, reviewing my personal sufferings/anxieties and dealing with the many symptoms and stigmas associated with combat stress, and taking into consideration the grim and appalling number of suicides resulting from combat stress (currently 22 a day), I have come to the conclusion that another approach and a new, fresh look is needed to solve the enigma of this terrible scourge!

Therefore, as a result, I have developed the following concept to alleviate the many disastrous and all-to-often, fatal consequences of this honorable, serious, enemy inflicted life changing, and all too often, life threatening wound.

The concept of “PCSD” And Purple Heart Medal Proposal


The Warrior Standard – Basis: “To care for him who shall have borne the battle…” –Abraham Lincoln


1) Post Combat Stress Disorder (PCSD)

Only combat arms, hard core, tip of the spear, front line fighters are to be classified as suffering from PCSD. In short, those warriors whose mission it is/was to seek out and destroy the enemy and did so! Even if the individual is only temporarily thrust into that status due to widespread hostilities and satisfactory combat performance is witnessed and documented by at least two supervisors and entered into unit records: ExamplesPresidential Unit Award, Valorous Unit Award and/or personnel records. Documented individual battle histories, combat awards and decorations stand as testament to honorable individual actions and behavior exhibited while engaging our nation’s enemies on the battlefield.

It is suggested that those warriors suffering from PCSD (because of direct engagement of the enemy on the battlefield) rated 70% or higher disability because of said PCSD, be awarded the Purple Heart Medal as a result of this very serious, intentional, enemy inflicted battle wound. (The reason being that warriors rated PCSD 70% or more service connected disability can be declared 100% disabled based on un-employability by the VA.)

Address the cause and treat the symptoms! Separate warriors from victims!

In this concept only combatants can suffer Post Combat Stress Disorder!

It is imperative that the cause of PCSD, COMBAT, be addressed (awarding the Purple Heart Medal) to remove unwarranted stigmas from the individual soldier’s “military mind set”!
In the other two categories listed below, i.e. GIs suffering from combat-related PTSD, and people suffering PTSD are victims, caught in circumstances beyond their control.
Those suffering PCSD are the only ones who fight/fought courageously for their nation, God, people and beliefs. PCSD is the only category of stress where a warrior may have (had) to take the life (lives) of another/other human being(s). Killing, even in battle, has its cross to bear for most individual warriors and if one is worried about their soul it can exacerbate stress in that person greatly. These distinctive facts demand separating PCSD from other types of traumatic stress and merit adopting this concept and proposal as soon as possible.

Saving lives by fostering dignity, honor, understanding and public acceptance is the major goal and objective of conceiving and presenting this concept and proposal.
The awarding of the PCSD purple heart medal would bring well deserved dignity to the warrior’s enemy inflicted combat wound, his never ending suffering and say “thank you!” for bravely facing and fighting our nation’s enemies on the battlefields of freedom close up and personal!

Peter S. Griffin’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:

  • When You Hear the Bugle Call

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