Trafford Publishing: Bill King’s Adventures

Trafford Publishing author Bill King

Trafford Publishing author Bill King

Welcome back to Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner as Trafford Publishing author Bill King shares his lifetime adventures that are not for the faint hearted! You would think extreme sports would be enough to get your heart racing; however King’s anecdotes from his adventures will leave you speechless!  


I’m an adventurer at heart and here are some of my near death experiences!



Scuba diving:

I am a certified scuba diver and on one of my dives at a diving location called Tonge of the Ocean which was an underwater cliff in the Atlantic about two miles deep, I went off the boat and straight down, so excited about the dive location that I forgot to adjust my eardrums on the way down. My left eardrum exploded and  I lost consciousness but somehow made it to the surface. Some divers helped my get on the boat. I now have a hearing aid for my left ear!


One of my favorite past times was skydiving. I had made more than thirty dives when I lost it. My diving group were diving at a rural airport in Clanton, Alabama. I was soaring across the sky with my wings out when I decided to open my chute and land. As I was crossing the airport landing strip, I heard a noise and looked down between my legs to see a small plane taking off. It was right under me and the power of the plane’s propeller had me swinging back and forth under my chute. I had swung almost to the height of my chute when I came down on the runway. My chute dragged me another fifty yards on the runway and ripped off my clothes, smashed my helmet instead of my skull and knocked me unconscious. It took me two weeks soaking in a tub of hot water to get moving again!


Motorcycle Racing

I was in a motorcycle race that ran over the top Monte Sano Mountain in Madison County, Alabama when one of the riders crossed too close in front of me. I turned sharply to avoid hitting him and lost control and hit the pavement. My Indian motorcycle and i skidded for about twenty yards spinning around and around. My boots and clothes were ripped off and my helmet smashed, but not my skull. I spent another couple of weeks in a tub of hot water!


Bunji Jumping

I was on the top of a one hundred and twenty-five foot tower getting prepared to go over the side. Two guys were on the platform with me. They were strapping me in the harness and chatting about the beautiful weather when one of the shouted OK! I was leaning over the edge of the tower about to jump when one of them grabbed me by the harness. I was not connected to the bunji cord and would have been gone-literally, if he had not grabbed me. He was saying Ok to his friend and not telling me to jump. I had a great jump and lived to tell about it!


There are a number of other close calls, like diving off the Tennessee River bridge, my collision with a freight train, and rappelling down a seventeen story office building, but i think I’ve covered the good ones!




Bill King’s Trafford Publishing Bibliography:


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