Trafford Publishing presents: A Mother’s Voice

A Mother's Voice by Trafford Publishing author Lisa Morley

A Mother’s Voice by Trafford Publishing author Lisa Morley

Without doubt, parents have a considerable ability to shape certain aspect of a child’s life. This influence can be the most joyous and satisfactory component of a parent’s extension of their knowledge. Trafford Publishing author Lisa Morley is an advocate for the contentment one is able to realize through the positive roles they provide. Her journey so far is a testament to the joys of children. Morley relates the robins in springtime to the process of writing her recent book A Mother’s Voice which she has presented in a poem…         

A young mother often rises with a full planned day of dishes, stories, laundry, play groups, and meals; only to have it interrupted by an emergency visit to the Dr., a forgotten backpack, or possibly a neighbor in need of a helping hand.  Best laid plans are adjusted or set aside for something that cannot wait until another day.  Mom’s day takes a turn in the road and gives her something she can write in her journal.

When I was young I dreamed of being just like my mom.  I was going to become a school teacher and then a mother.  When I went off to college I majored in Elementary Education, and then filled my class schedule with Child Development and dance.  Somewhere between the lack of finances and the love of dance my goals took a turn and I filled my time teaching dance and then later I became a nursery school teacher.

My goals of becoming a wife and mother took their own kind of turns.  I was going to marry when I was young, and then have several children (at least 12).  In the end I married several years later than I planned, and my husband and I had only seven children.

The journey of writing the book, “A Mother’s Voice” has been as flexible and full of surprises as every other adventure I’ve chosen.  One of my first thoughts of publishing a book focused on writing a book for children.  I have learned over the years of reading thousands of books to children; that children love to see pictures while listening to someone read.  I am not an illustrator.  While pondering on the why and how the writing of, “A Mother’s Voice” came to be, I wrote this poem:


It’s SPRING! And a robin works outside my door

building her nest which has been a chore.

She chose a spot that would be safe from harm,

and started gathering items that were soft and warm.

One leaf, one tiny grass like tuft

Is gently carried to her chosen loft.


The robin weaves with a cheerful dance,

And as she moves she takes the chance

That half of her nest will fall away

And she won’t be able to finish her work today.


Several times her nest has been blown to the ground;

But consistently building, the robin can be found.

And now today her nest is complete!

So I celebrate with her, her victory sweet.


The robin’s building is like writing a book;

An author first chooses a special nook.

Then words are placed on the page one by one,

until the story is written down.


Oft times the author writes a sentence or word

That gets blown away and never heard.

With patience and care one begins again

To weave the words that will describe the plan,

And share an experience large or small

That can be understood by one, or maybe all.


A Mother’s Voice may not be a children’s book, but it is about the joys of children.  This book is written for parents or anyone else who has influence in a child’s life.  May each of us learn to see joy in the journey no matter which detours our life takes.


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