Trafford Publishing Presents: Laughter and Tears

Posted on September 11, 2013 under Author Blogs
Laughter and Tears by Trafford Publishing author Irene Powell

Have you ever felt that overpowering need to tell a story to a friend? Trafford Publishing author Irene Powell had this feeling, yet she felt everybody needed to hear this story. Certain people lead lives that are filled with trials and tribulations, so much so that their lives needs to be penned and turned into a book. Powellai??i??s friend Johanna was one of these fascinating people and because of Johanna, Laughter and Tears was borne.

Trafford Publishing Presents: Angel Balloons

Posted on September 9, 2013 under Author Blogs
Trafford Publishing author AVIA

Small occurrences often pave the way for much greater things; in Trafford Publishing author AVIAai??i??s case, this was notably apparent. AVIA has published the first childrenai??i??s book in the Sunshine and the Ladybug series and the second will hit the shelves in the not too distant future. Here is a small piece from AVIA that illustrates that a minor happening has fueled AVIAai??i??s imagination, allowing her to incorporate this instance into her childrenai??i??s books.

Trafford Publishing: A Journey to Sobriety (Part 2)

Posted on September 6, 2013 under Author Blogs
Behind the Curtain by Trafford Publishing Author Jean

In part one of Trafford Publishing author Jeanai??i??s two part series, Jean shared with us her road to publication; however she hardly touched on the content of her book Behind the Curtain. This is a review that was written in South Africaai??i??s Cape Times in August 2007. It sums up Jeans passion for sobriety and her talent as a writer.

Trafford Publishing: 4 Tips for Writing Childrenai??i??s Books

Posted on September 5, 2013 under Author Blogs
Trafford Publishing shares 4 tips on writing children's books

It is safe to say that many young children detest the thought of reading; Trafford Publishing knows that getting your children to begin reading is a very important aspect of their childhood. Childrenai??i??s books teach kids subtly, while they still enjoy the captivating story. They bring a sense of joy to children and most importantly they teach our younger generation how to read. Trafford Publishing Author’s Corner shares four tips to help you master the art of writing books for children.

Trafford Publishing: A Journey to Sobriety (Part 1)

Posted on September 4, 2013 under Author Blogs
Behind the Curtain by Trafford Publishing Author Jean

Trafford Publishing Authorai??i??s Corner would like to introduce Trafford Publishing author Jean. Jeanai??i??s biography, Behind the Curtain is a very moving story that captures the contentment one is able to acquire from taking a stance as well as providing hope and encouragement for others in similar situations.